Welcome to the Ancient Lands Campaign Setting, a world of many points of view, dark magic, and action. Three things you may want to know about the world:

1 A world of Gods. The world setting is one that is developed and revolved around the worship of gods. Gods are part of everyday existence. Very little is considered to not be the purview of the Gods.

2 War. All wars are currently on a temporary treaty throughout the world as a whole. At least overtly, various civilizations do not attack one another, and even welcome traders and groups from other civilizations throughout their empires/kingdoms. Anger, conflicts and enmity still exist throughout the world. Do not expect a warm welcome everywhere.

3 Dragons. Dragons truly rule the ancient world. Civilizations as a whole have learned to leave them alone due to killing one usually brings the wrath of all other dragons down upon them.

The Ancient Lands

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