World History

World History

-40,000 BC to -30,000 BC (Before Cataclysm) – The earliest 'recorded' history begins at the end of a great cataclysm som 40,000 years ago. In this ancient land the lands that would come to be the 'continents' of today were a single entity, one large continent called Pangea. None of the now 'common' races existed back in this era. While humans existed during this time, they were little more than cave dwellers, primitive and savage. It is during this time that the 'Greater' supposedly existed.

-39,000 BC – Rise of the Serpent Kings

The Serpent Kings establish an empire in the lands that are now called 'South America'. The name of this empire has been lost to time.

-38,000 BC

Several smaller 'empires' within the Serpent King empire are destroyed by a revolt from the recently created slave races (Nagas, troglodytes, yuan-ti, etc).

-33,000 BC – Beginning of the Eternal War

Dragonkind begin to rise to ascendance and begin a war against one another, uncaring for the devastation being wrought upon their would be lands. This leads to the formation of several races coming together in a pact to destroy all dragons. This pact makes all dragonkind to come together for a time, to destroy any civilization that seems advanced enough to destroy them.

 -30,500 BC

Elves first appear on earth, fleeing from the destruction of some unknown world. Few elders survived, so much of the elven peoples are lost. They are quickly attacked by all creatures as an unkown, and most of the survivors are apparantly destroyed in the crossfire of the Eternal War.

 -30,000 BC

Elves steal some ancient magical texts of the Serpent Kings, which causes the Serpent Kings to fall to the Dragons in the Eternal War. Dragonking erases most traces of the Serpent Kings.

-20,000 BC

Elves, having unlocked the stolen magical texts, come to the attention of Dragons. Dragons make a truce with humans, which leads to the destruction of all known elven civilizations as well as the slavery of the elven populace.

World History

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