Stats will be generated using the 'Point Buy' method that is describe in the 3.5 DMG. We are utilizing 30 points to distribute.


Traits & Flaws out of the 'Unearthed Arcana' book are allowed, to a maximum of 2 traits and 1 flaw (which can give you 1 extra feat at character creation).

Hit Points: Max HP's at first level. Subsequent levels are either rolled or use the 'half +1' method. Once the decision is made, you can not change it. Players who roll their HP's get 1 free re-roll. 


Starting Equipment: You can purchase an item worth upto 50% of your total wealth value. All other items must 25% of said value or less. You can buy partially charged items, but all charges must be in quantities of 5 (example, a wand must have either 5, 10, 15 etc charges).


The Ancient Lands Naloomi