Son of Poseidon

Mark the Red was a gladiatorial slave in rome, when his freedom was purchased by Basillius. Although Basillius demanded nothing in return for his freedom, Mark felt

honor bound as a friend and adventuring companion to Basillius.

Early on in their adventures, Mark came across a trident in a lost tomb. Having prior experience with the weapon (from his gladiator days) that no one else in the party did, he took up the weapon. Finding it had interesting properties, his friend Basillius recommended that he anoint the weapon in the sea. When he did so, the weapon awakened and it became clear that it was no ordinary trident. In an effort to find out more about his newly acquired item, His party set out to a temple of a long forgotten water god (Poseidon). After working through the temple, Mark came to stand before the Incarnation of Poseidon himself, who upon finding the trident not only in Mark’s possession, but attuned to him as well, named him his son, and gave him his blessing to wield the weapon.

Upon gaining the blessing of Poseidon, Mark shed his pit-fighter name, and adopted the name Renatus Marinel, which means “Born again of the Sea”

Neptune, the Roman God of water Attacked Poseidon and attempted to userp his mantle. Renatus showed up to help Poseidon, but arrived a little too late and watched in horror as Neptune apparently destroyed the Greek god. As Neptune struck the other god down, a wisp of power escaped from Poseidon and entered Renatus, making him a godling.

Renatus, Now on the run from Neptune who wanted the power he had absorbed encountered a wouldbe god who offered to destroy Neptune in exchange for the powers Neptune had that Poseidon would not want to re-aquire. Renatus made the deal and with the help of the would-be god ambushed and destroyed Neptune, The Userper. Renatus used his own body as a vessel for the power that was to revive Poseidon.

Arriving back at the temple, the power flowed from Renatus and Coalesced into the form of Posideon, leaving Renatus a mere mortal again. Poseidon Gave him the name Triton and named him his Heir.


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