The Ancient Lands

8-21-08 - Welcome to the Jungle

After stepping onto the Southern Pharoah's teleportation platform they appeared in thick jungles, and in the middle of a battle between several very large and feral looking Tigers and a rainbow feathered winged serpent. The tigers, seeing what they believed to be easier prey, turn and attack the party. After defeating the Dire Tigers, the Couatl and the party talk, and the Couatl warns the PC that she will be 'watching' them before fading from view.

 The party, unsure of exactly where they need to go, begin to explore this new region of the world that they have found themselves in. After several days of wandering they stumble upon a small opening in the ground. This opening turned out to be a moss covered set of stairs that let into the earth. Slowly the descended the 30' into the earth, not knowing what awaits them.

 Upon the parties arrival into the dank dark tunnel, they discover a tunnel to their right and a cavern to the left with a small pool of water in it. Valar advanced through the small tunnel and was attacked by a brain with tentacles. Shortly after being defeated a mummy awoke from the pool and attacked.  Estes animal companion, as well as  Naencrau, acquired mummy rot. Basillius was only able to cure one of them, at the cost of the only copy of a scrol (as a reminder, scrolls are difficult to create or come by in the Ancient world). 

 Having saved one companion (despite not really wanting to) Basillius suggested exploring a little more before calling it a day. Moving further into the 'caverns' of this underground complex they found a 'cage' like setup deeper inside. Inside this cage were several other Couatl's. After freeing these fantastic creatures the first Couatl that the party met (and rescued from the Dire Tigers) appeared again. It had been following them. 

 The Couatl, as thanks for rescuing his family, granted each of the PC's a boon.

 Estes chose to gain a new animal companion, one of some power.(A young dire tiger)

 Aequora Manus – Hand of the Waters chose some additional training in a feat (two-weapon fighting)

 Basillius requested knowledge, and gained a +1 divine insight bonus to Knowlege: Planes, and Knowledge: Religion as well as knowledge about the region.



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