The Ancient Lands

The Power of Chaos

After some more history being bestowed upon the party, Vermithrax offered the PC's a mere sample of the chaos that is part of the 'Treasure that must be Kept'.


Vermithrax had a small deck of tarot cards which he laid out upon the pedestal in front of the PCs. They discussed, heatedly, amongst themselves if they should draw or not and some of them decided to draw, for better or worse.


After drawing, many of the group had paths unlocked for them. However, once the last of the group went forward the Dragon statue breathed one final time, and the party was transported to, at least according to  Estes, another time.


The only thing in the area was a sphynx. An honest to goodness sphynx (one that has been extinct for generations, not one of the 7 immortal ones). After failing the opening question Basillius charmed the sphynx, learned about the trapped Sphynx Queen and the crown she commands (is it possible this is another item of power? One that could be used to retrap, or possibly destroy, the Treasure that must be Kept?) and entered here 'tomb'.



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