The Ancient Lands

8-7-08 - Enter the Ancient

After opening the doorway using the two small keys in the shape of a trident, the party saw onto a 10 ft wide platform, 30 ft long, that lead to a 30 ft x 30 ft x central platform. The room around the central platform was 80 ft per side, and on fire.

 After an intensely long debate, Marc the Red former gladiator of Rome, decided to use the last dose of the stone salve on the statue of a 'man' standing in the center of the large platform, obviously researching the floor. 

 Having awoken from his 10,000 year entrapment in stone, Naencrau looked around at his surroundings. Upon seeing Basillius and Valar (the elf and dwarf, respectively) he immediately began casting a spell. Seeing this, the party reacted. It was obvious to Basillius that this statue made man was after him, so he went on the offensive. Naencrau reacted by casting the 'Miracle' spell, which unexplicably failed. After failing to cast any of his alloted spells or being able to activate any of his magical accoutrements, he fell to the party rogue, who knocked him unconscious while Naencrau was grappled by Marc the Red.

 During the combat, Estes, the parties Druid and Desert Survival Guide, left. Not only did he leave the room in which the fight was going on, but he left Posiedon's Temple and came to know that most of the water of the lake that fed the Nile, was gone, and the Nile was completely empty.

 Waking up the next morning bound and gagged (and seemingly drained of some Constitution) Naencrau was questioned by our stalwart group of heroes. After an exchange of questions and answers it was found out that  Naencrau was from a time before the cataclysm that has turned the once fertile land of Egypt into the barren desert that it is today.



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