The Ancient Lands

8-14-08 - Decisions

As Estes left the temple, he returned to an offshoot of his tribe located in the deserts 'nearby'. He did not speak of his leaving a group of people, nor of how he got the camels he had in his posession (all of the party's camels).

Back at Poseidon's Temple the remainder of the party continued to question Naencrau, not trusting him, or his story. After a while, the party convinced the main protester,  Basillius, to free Naencrau so that they could continue with their task. With Naencrau's help they were able to locate a hidden door with allowed them direct access to the other four corners of the Temple. Unfortunately, they discovered that the other corners had already been dessicated. They found several items, and then returned to the Souther Pharoah, who had promised to send them to her ancestral lands. 

 After hearing the groups story, and with what they know that the prophecy says, they 'suggest' that the party should recover their survival guide, and the Pharoah has them instantly transported to nearby the campsite of the nomads. The nomads, prepare for a battle, but send out an emisary (an old man, which would be little loss to the nomads if the party should choose to become hostile) to discuss the reason for their intrusion on their oasis. After hearing their story, the nomads send out [[:8589 | Estes].  Estes reluctantly agrees to return to the path that has been set out for him by the gods, and returns with the group to the Southern Pharoah's palace. From there, they depart, magically, for another land…..



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